Patti Dickinson

The Indian's Daughter

Political power swirls about in the air of Washington, D.C., fluid and shifting, altering lives and defining destinies. Some view power as a means to accomplish good while others lose their moral compass and blindly chase after it. Not unlike a violent storm, political power’s force is indiscriminate in the people whose lives it saves and those it destroys.

KC Garrett, attorney in the Environmental Crime Division of the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C, loves what she does and is good at it. Strong-minded and goal oriented, she is the daughter a full-blood American Indian, Sam Blackhawk, who is about to become head of BIA, the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

KC attends the BIA conference at which Valerie Beckman, Secretary of Interior and leading presidential candidate, nominates Sam as Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs. President Jonathan Champion, Sam’s former commander, makes a surprise visit to the conference to honor his long-time friend; it is a momentous occasion that caps Sam Blackhawk’s four-decade BIA career.

But forty-eight hours later, Blackhawk’s car is fished out of the Potomac River in what the Park police call a storm-related accident. But after overhearing two men outside her office say Sam Blackhawk may have to be eliminated, KC is certain it is murder. She turns for help to her former fiancé, FBI Special Agent Tony DeMarco. Their efforts to find the killer catapult KC and Tony into a vortex of politics that reaches into the highest echelons of government.

Determined to catch the killer, the chase is on: from DC to Florida, to Bermuda, France, to the Lake Ponsiteau Reservation in the Idaho Panhandle, and finally to Montreal. The closer they get to the truth, the more people die, and KC finds herself in the killer’s crosshairs.

Her quest for justice takes KC Garrett on a personal journey, challenging her will, her courage and perseverance, but results in victory for the Indian’s daughter.

Selected Works

a story of money and fame, love and betrayal, a journey with an unexpected discovery and an incident that forever changes lives.
Publishers Weekly: "Dickinson's compelling adventure story doubles as a wistful eulogy for a vanished way of life. "
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Fiction (Political Thriller)
Political power swirls about in the air of Washington, D.C. altering lives and defining destinies, but like a violent storm its force is indiscriminate in the people whose lives it saves and the people it destroys.

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