Patti Dickinson

the fifth season

Wildly successful contractor of exclusive homes, Shelby Stamford has it all, her own beautiful home on an equestrian estate, and marriage to a powerful real estate developer. But while Bobby Stamford is perfectly content with their high-stakes life just the way it is, Shelby wants something more than Rodeo Drive shops and the Rolls Royce traffic--she wants a family.

Bobby Stamford's head, heart and soul have been into an upscale shopping center project, Covington Square, for five long years. He is surprised when Shelby springs a trip on him—a month-long sabbatical away from the stress of the Covington project and their circle of affluent family and friends. But perhaps it will be Shelby who is in for a surprise. In the midst of Montana's spectacular beauty, she learns about the fifth season from a most unlikely source, a book-loving cowboy.

The fifth season, as precious as it is elusive, is that time when tomorrow no longer holds our hopes and dreams, when today, this moment, this place fills us with a sense of awe and well-being. The discovery may end a lifetime of searching or come as a happy surprise. The beauty of the fifth season is in the awareness that we have found it.

The Fifth Season takes you on that journey.

Selected Works

a story of money and fame, love and betrayal, a journey with an unexpected discovery and an incident that forever changes lives.
Publishers Weekly: "Dickinson's compelling adventure story doubles as a wistful eulogy for a vanished way of life. "
The inspiring story of a humble Cherokee football coach whose love and caring turns orphaned Indian boys into a family. But it is through football that Coach Tommy helps his boys learn life's biggest lessons: how to win, how to lose, how to be a man.
Fiction (Political Thriller)
Political power swirls about in the air of Washington, D.C. altering lives and defining destinies, but like a violent storm its force is indiscriminate in the people whose lives it saves and the people it destroys.

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