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Patti's Blog

Want to catch you up on my latest project, The Fifth Season, a romance. I'm now on the final rewrite and enjoying every minute. A brief glimpsery of the story:

The fifth season, as precious as it is elusive, is that time when tomorrow no longer holds our hopes and dreams. When today, this moment, this place fills us with a sense of awe and well-being. The discovery may end a lifetime of searching or come as a happy surprise. The beauty of the fifth season is in the awareness that we have found it.

I will keep you posted as the release date draws nearer. In the meantime, I look forward to hearing from readers of Hollywood the Hard Way a Cowboy's Journey, Coach Tommy Thompson & the Boys of Sequoyah, and The Indian's Daughter.

Hope you are enjoying your summer. Our vacation this year: my husband and spent two weeks touring (by car) Texas--we say "we did Texas!" We visited all three Presidential Libraries, George Bush's, (SMU) Papa Bush's (Texas A & M) and LBJ's, University of Texas) plus most every Museum worth seeing--it was a fabulous trip.
Since we are college football fanatics, we also toured other campuses whose teams we have seen on Saturday games : TCU (Texas Christian) in Fort Worth, Baylor U in Waco.
We can truly say Texas is a great state to visit.

Questions and comments welcome!

Happy reading!

Patti Dickinson